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December 21, 2008 ·

This proverb has to be my favorite one at this time in my life.  It reminds me that I do not need to worry about anything.  I am reminded:  “The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord; he turns it where ever he pleases.” Proverbs 21:1 NLT

This proverb just reminds me of how powerful, yet graceful my God is.  King James Version says:  “The kings heart is in the hand of the Lord…”, because of this fact.  I don’t have to fret about how those that govern this world, country, state, city, job, or where ever there is authority over me.  I can rest and be assured that God’s hand is in the midst.  He directs them in the way he wants them to go.

Sometimes I think by reading this that the king or leader has no idea why he may be doing what he’s doing, but because God has his heart in His hand he guides and directs it the way that he sees fit.  So even in these times I don’t worry about how the president or other world leaders think their going to run the world.  I am sure that God has it all under control.

Be at rest, be at peace.  God’s got it.

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