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October 5, 2007 ·

This is asked of me so much lately.  Frankly I am always tired of answering the mundane question.  What’s new?  My reply is usually, “Oh nothing much.”  I am just not one to be over joyed with news.  The latest gossip doesn’t interest me.  Most CNN news these days is just continuous stream of propaganda of what people want you to think about the world you live in.  And I am just tired of telling everybody my business.  I know I know.  “Dang Lance you are kind of harsh!”  I know there are some well meaning people out there, but the majority of the time they are just trying to find out some more about you so they can include in there next news cast for the next person they talk to.

Today I am going to take a stand and reject all kinds of news.  Well I have to get the weather.  But what I am saying is when news (gossip) starts to come my way, I will exit the conversation by saying, “I hate the news, don’t you.  So what are your plans for your future.”  If they have no plans, goals, or vision, I guess they are not some one I need to be talking to.  For people like that live in the past and never move forward.

So,  Are you ready to move forward.  Are you ready for tomorrow.  A new day is here and I am ready to take it on.

God bless and stay away from the news.

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