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The month of April I will be posting readings from the bible pertaining to offerings and sacrifices. I am reminded of a scripture even now that says, “to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.” (1Samuel 15:22b)

Although sacrifice is necessary obedience is better.  If you think about it, obedience is a sacrifice, and a sacrifice that is one of the hardest to fulfill.  To obey God eventhough everyone in the world is mocking you.  To obey God eventhough you don’t see the outcome.  To obey God when the people closest to you offer every opportunity not to.  Obeying God in all things is truly the sacrifice of all sacrifices.

Jesus did it for us.  He was .  Because of his obedience and His great sacrifice, you and I are afforded the opportunity to experience life and life more abundantly.

Just as Jesus obeyed, we are to obey God as well.  Sacrifice may bring crosses and crucifixions, but as Jesus was elevated later we will likewise if we faint not.

So please follow along on facebook and twitter and look for the hash tag: #offeringsandsacrifices as we take this journey through the month of April discovering what God says about offerings and sacrifices. 


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Church...You'd Better Wake Up!

Father, in this crucial hour of man’s history, PLEASE fill me up with the measure of Christ’s suffering for His people…for Your glory.


Let's discuss this video. Are they speaking the truth?



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