A Proverb a Day: Proverbs 7. What kind of wisdom do I need to keep me from a strange woman?

Gentlemen is for us.  To remind us to seek wisdom above all else, that we might not be tempted when the fated moment arises.

I had a woman once ask me, why does every proverb talk about women in such a low down way, as if they were always the culprit or cause of destruction for men.  And I reminded her that not all Proverbs describes women as the problem, because is the direct opposite.  In that proverb a virtuous woman is portrayed.

I also reminded her the Proverbs that were written were directed to the audience of the son.  Verse 1, “My son, keep my words, and lay up my commandments with thee.”  The majority of the proverbs are directed toward men, and I believe the father of Solomon, David, was intending on keeping his son from the troubles that once came his way.

I also reminded her that men in most cases are the weakest in this area of temptation.  Yes women have those desires of lust too, but it is the man who needs to be under control.  It is the man who needs to keep these words of wisdom written upon the table of thine heart.  It is the man who needs to be the protector of women and not the destroyer of them.

So yes there will be women out there as in but the more we, the men, keep wisdom close to our hearts & minds the more successful we will be in life.

Be wise.

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